SIMON CLARIDGE.... One of my earliest and fondest memories of junior school was running from assembly to be the first in the line before double art on a Tuesday morning, as I could not wait to continue working on what I had done the previous week. This early obsession continued throughout my education, and whenever asked what I wanted to do when I grew up the answer was always 'to be an artist!' I was extremely lucky to have a fantastic art department at college where I really found my strengths in draftsmanship, particularly in life class. Upon receiving my BA in Fine Art from the University of Reading, I was determined not to stop the journey that I had started, and continued to paint wherever and whenever I could. I was only interested in becoming a painter; I could not, and still can not, imagine a life without having to return to the canvas every day. Thankfully the work that I was producing seemed to resonate with people, and the confidence this gave me lead me to the door of Washington Green, who have allowed me to realize my dreams.

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